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Real World Projects: Project Based Learning Examples

Our first project experience saved 4 to 6 months of time and cost to achieve technician productivity. We organized a program to provide the interns with a real-life experience working as if they are employees. Since then, PBL projects are the key for talent development at Ricoh Malaysia.

ENG WENG Lim, Former CEO Ricoh Malaysia

Our company is located in the United States, and we deliver technology based enablement and entrepreneurship products to help people turn their passion into success.

We were interested in the Kenya market and engaged Knod and their Business students on a market research project. It was a great experience working with these young people from Kenya. They understood what we needed; brought very valuable and relevant local market insights to us, and all together hit the mark for us. We will certainly work with Knod’s students in the future.

Matthew Bowman, Founder/CEO Tech Trep Academy

Mabati Rolling Mills Limited is part of the Safal Group, having 36 metal coating and roll forming operations across Eastern, Central and Southern Africa. The Safal Group is Africa’s largest producer of steel roofing and sheeting and was the first producer of Aluminium Zinc coated steel on the continent.

Mabati engaged with Knod and its students on a market research project looking to expand our product line into new areas around storage and transportation of food and agricultural products.

The Knod coach and students were very keen on our operations and worked closely with our staff on the project. In the end, their findings provided good value which Mabati management retained for further review and development on the market initiatives. The interaction was also beneficial for the students as it gives them an exposure on the work environment as part of their preparation for the job market. We look forward to working with Knod students in the future as opportunities arise.

Andrew Heycott, CEO Mabati Rolling Mills Ltd.

Examples of foundations projects

Economic Growth Ideas for Your Local Community

Career Pathway: Digital Entrepreneurship
Project Description: Teams conduct research and create ideas to solve a problem in their local communities. They present their proposals to a panel of experts and representatives from the community. Winning ideas can proceed to further meetings with community leaders.

Pitch to a Development Firm

Career Pathway: Software Engineering-Java
Project Description: Development firm executives present online what they need for their project. They provide instructions and how they plan to evaluate the teams’ projects. The teams ideas may or may not be used by the development firm. However, students can list the project on their vita/resume.

Marketing Plan Competition

Career Pathway: Digital Marketing 
Project Description: Teams compete against each other during the final project presentations. A panel of industry experts evaluates and scores the different presentations using a rubric that is provided to students. The winning team receives a reward from the sponsoring organization.

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