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Employability Score

What is a Knod Employability Score™?

Your Knod Employability Score™ is an evaluation of your knowledge, skills, & abilities in relation to a specific Career Pathway & Community of Practice.

  • The Employability Score™ is composed of sub-scores, including job-specific  knowledge & general soft skills, i.e., communication, collaboration, etc.
  • The Employability Score™ provides an evidence-based, quantitative metric for Knod’s Employer Partners to evaluate & compare potential employees.
  • Knod’s Job Seekers with the highest Employability Score™ have the most exposure to Knod’s Employer Network.

You will receive your initial Employability Score™ as you complete a Foundations Experience in a selected career pathway.

However, you can sign up today for a Free Employability Evaluation to find out where you are in the pathway to your career before you begin the Foundations Experience.

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