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Graham Doxey - CEO & Founder of Knod's Global Learning Network

CEO & Founder

"After a nearly 20 year career in the global financial markets where I observed some incredible corporate success stories, I have been amazed beyond my wildest dreams over the last 15 years observing young people successfully transform into professional productive contributors in their communities. Learning through experience has proven to be highly effective on 3 continents and across multiple career disciplines. I am very proud to be working with the great team at Knod and inspired by the learners who are taking advantage of the Knod Experience to become employable and gain sustainable livelihoods as we take this opportunity to the world."

Personal info

"I have 4 children and 7 (going on 9) grandchildren who I love to play with. I have enjoyed playing almost any sport and am a fan of almost all sports. My favorite books are about real people and real places. I really enjoy history."

About Graham

Graham has over 30 years of global experience successfully building and managing small and large enterprises, with the most recent 10 years focused on higher education. 

As a co-founder of Neumont University Graham began a decade of creating innovative solutions to close the gap between higher education outcomes and industry needs. Exemplary results have been achieved through engaging employers early in the education process, implementing experiential learning pedagogies, and mapping regulator required learning outcomes with industry required skills.

While CEO of Laureate Malaysia Graham had three years of experience applying these pedagogical principles in a more traditional education environment across multiple disciplines and locations in a 14,000 student 9 campus system resulting in similar increased employability of graduates.

Graham also worked for three years as a regulator with the Federal Home Loan Bank Board in Washington DC‚Äč, and 15 years in financial services.

  • Laureate Education Inc., CEO Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2008-2012

  • Neumont University, President Salt Lake City, Utah 2001-2007

  • Lehman Brothers, Managing Director New York/Tokyo, Japan 1991 – 2000

  • Merrill Lynch, Vice President New York/Tokyo, Japan 1986 - 1991

  • Federal Home Loan Bank Board, Washington, DC 1983 - 1986

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