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Benefits for employers: Talented Qualified Professionals

A pipeline of talented professionals where and when you need them

At Knod we believe in accelerated learning. With our proprietary system candidates are ready to hit the ground running from the day they are hired.

“ Your program really matches the needs of industry and the capabilities of regional universities, and you provide that bridge that links them together to really create the success.”

Jim Spohrer, IBM Innovation Champion and Director of Global University Programs

What are the real-world benefits of engaging with Knod?

  • Knod learners already have experience inside a corporate environment and have a sense of familiarity and comfort. They engage more with your company and employee retention is greatly increased.  Our learners are ready for a rewarding career!
  • Since the learners spend time in a hands on environment inside the company the time needed for training drops significantly saving you money.
  • Knod understands the logistical difficulty of finding and recruiting talent in developing areas. With Knod the entire process is streamlined.
  • The selection process becomes much less difficult. Recruiting costs are dramatically reduced.
  • With zero fees for sponsoring, projects are completed with virtually no over head for labor.

The skills needed to succeed in a modern work force are constantly evolving. Knod learners learn how to evolve and adapt with them

Knod learners hone their soft skills in real projects working in and interacting with teams. This is critical for success in today’s work environment. Our learners practice the most in-demand, critical soft skills like:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Collaborative Problem-Solving
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Presentation Skills 

Through projects sponsored by industries, Knod learners get the skills they need to be career-effective from day one.

"If you look at our clients a lot of their investment is on post-employment training and education. We can’t invent the candidate that doesn’t exist, so the investment in pre-employment is almost more important."

Diego Sanson, TMP Worldwide Executive Vice President, Emerging Markets

Knod learners gain industry skills and soft skills to hit the ground running, the ability to engage clients, and experience working with team members.

How can my company take advantage of engaging with Knod?

Joining our network means being a positive influence in fast growing communities around the globe. Here’s how!

Take an active role through our projects

  • Be a part of our many mentorship programs. Becoming a role model is an incredibly rewarding experience. Help a young adult learn not just about a rewarding career, but about themselves as well.
  • Sponsor projects to help sharpen the skills of Knod learners. In order to grow, our learners need tough challenges to help them learn how to tackle tough problems in the real word.
  • Get your projects out into the projects marketplace for our teams to work on!

See what we can do together!

If you are interested in engaging with Knod, please let us know!

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