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Are you a Digital Marketing Creative?

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Welcome to the Knod Digital Marketing Pathway!

Employers are seeking job candidates that have experience using technologies and tools for digital marketing.

Get Relevant Work Experience

You will gain experience for your resume / CV by working in teams to work on real-world projects needed by organizations around the world.  

You start with a Knod Foundation Experience that is 10-weeks long.  At the end you receive a Knod Employability Score™.  The Employability Score measures your Digital Marketing knowledge as well as your soft skills, such as problem solving, team work, communication, etc.

If your Score meets a certain level for the Pathway, then you are promoted to Knod Employer-Engaged Projects.  In other words, first you have to prove you are ready to work with real company customers, then you will be promoted to the Knod Employer-Engaged Experiences. 

Develop your Digital Marketing Technical Skills

This Pathway will prepare you for a career in Digital Marketing by giving you multiple first-hand experiences using platforms employers recognize and respect:

  • SEM & SEO:  Google Keyword Planner
  • Metrics & Analytics:  Google Analytics
  • Content Marketing:  HubSpot
  • Email Marketing:  MailChimp
  • Social Media Marketing:  HootSuite

Our expert instructional designers interweave the knowledge you need for a career in Digital Marketing with the above free marketing platforms.  We curate best-in-class content and resources (readings, videos, slides, etc.) to support you and your team as you work on projects for Clients.

Develop your Digital Marketing Soft Skills

  • Develop International Digital Marketing experience that you can put on your resume / CV.
  • Solve problems for real and simulated Clients located around the World, including organizations in Malaysia, Kenya, UK, and USA, etc.
  • Meet and work on relevant projects with people from around the World.

Why Digital Marketing with Knod?

Digital Marketing is a high growth career area that fits perfectly with Knod’s Employer-Engaged Project-Based Learning (EE-PBL) methodology. 

Organizations around the world have utilized Knod Teams for Digital Marketing, including:

Sign up today for the Free Digital Marketing Evaluation

Knod’s proprietary learning methodology and technologies yield an aggregated Employability Score™.  Sign up today for a personal Digital Marketing Evaluation.

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