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Digital Entrepreneurship Development Pathway

Do you have what it takes to be a Digital Enterepreneur?

Entrepreneurship Evaluation

Welcome to the Knod Digital Entrepreneurship Pathway!

The Digital Entrepreneurship Pathway will connect with you with fellow entrepreneurs, mentors, coaches, and investors.  Knod’s 100s of learners around the world specializing in business and IT and working teams will help you get project work done.

You will also be assigned a Coach and a Mentor.  These two people are here to provide scaffolding as you work through the challenges that come with being an early stage business, such as lack of resources and available skill sets to execute or research a business model hypothesis.

Develop your Digital Entrepreneurship Technical Skills

Digital Entrepreneurship is differentiated from non-digital to emphasize the availability and ubiquity of free or low cost online platforms for carrying out key functions of a business.  For example, using a free MailChimp account you could execute a small pilot test marketing campaign and evaluate the results.

This Pathway will provide you with content and resources to cover all the core parts of a business. You will gain knowledge and skills across a wide breadth of topics and well as depth in each topic.

Become Business Smart & Experienced

The Digital Entrepreneurship Pathway is those seeking a global platform to connect with follow travelers on the endeavor to find a sustainable, profitable business model. This Pathway will immerse in a team-based online environment.  You can be anywhere in the world; however, you will work in teams so you must be accountable and deliver on your action items to complete projects, such as collecting first-hand market data to test your business model value proposition.

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What is the Free Digital Entrepreneurship Evaluation?

Knod’s proprietary learning methodology and technologies yield an aggregated Entrepreneurship Score.  Sign up today for a personal Digital Entrepreneurship Evaluation.

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