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Can you survive as a Digital Accountant?

Accounting Evaluation

Welcome to the Knod Digital Accounting Pathway!

Employers of Accountants need people that can hit the ground running.  A New Hire needs to be competent in accounting but also experience using accounting software.  New Hires are also expected to be able to communicate accurately and respectfully with Clients.  

Get Relevant Accounting Work Experience

The Digital Accounting Pathway gives you experience working on accounting and finance projects.  You practice the skills needed for a job in Accounting and Finance. These experiences can be added to your resume / CV.  In an interview, you can discuss your experiences and show that you are prepared to contribute immediately to your teams.  

ACCA Alignment

The Digital Accounting Pathway has been designed to give you real-world experience aligned with on the ACCA F5-F9 learning objectives. Apply what your studying for the ACCA Exams to your Knod Experiences.  

Develop your Digital Accounting Technical Skills

The Digital Accounting Pathway will provide you the opportunity to work in teams and use accounting and finance software to do:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Corporate Reporting
  • Tax Preparation
  • Audits
  • Financial Management 

Our expert instructional designers interweave the knowledge you need for a career in Digital Accounting with real-world accounting experience.  We aggregate best-in-class content and resources (readings, videos, slides, etc.) to support you and your team as you work on complex accounting projects for Clients.

Develop your Digital Accounting Soft Skills

  • Develop relevant Digital Accounting experience to put on your resume / CV. 
  • Solve real-world accounting problems for Clients located around the World, including organizations in Malaysia, Kenya, UK, and USA.
  • Build valuable team skills by meeting and working on relevant projects with people from around the World.
  • Engage in projects that directy apply the learning objectives from the ACCA F5-F9 exams.

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