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Plans and Pricing

"Learning is Experience everything else is just information."

Employability Evaluation

Before you begin your Knod Experience sign up for the 1-2 hour online evaluation that assesses your prior knowledge of selected pathway and work experience. Get an objective estimate of how employable you are.


Level 1 - Foundations Experience

  • 10-week relevant work experience with individual and team projects. Basic access to content and resource libraries for selected pathway. 
  • Get three months of work experience including technologies used in sected pathway.
  • Receive Employability Score, Skills Gap Report and Employability Plan

Level 2 - Employer-Engaged Experience

  • 3-4 months of Relevant team-based work experience, engagements with actual companies. 
  • Full access to detailed knowledge base for specific pathway topics and technologies. 
  • Put relevant work experience & your Employability Score on your resume/CV, including references. 
  • Receive quarterly Employability Score updates, Skills Gap Report and Employability Plan

Level 3 - Signature Experience

  • By Invitation only - Those with high Employability Scores may be invited to join teams who are working directly with select employers. A minimum of 3 months. 
  • Put this relevant work experience on your resume/CV. 

Introductory Offer:  40% off Knod Foundations Experiences!

             Only $599

(Reduced from $999)

A Foundations Experience is a 10-week authentic work engagement.  You work in a team to deliver a real-world work product for a Client.  Your team serves as consultants to the Client and try to produce valuable deliverables.

Knod Foundations Experiences are available for Career Pathways in Digital Marketing, Digital Accounting, and Digital Entrepreneurship.  We will be releasing more Pathways that include Foundations Experiences soon.

At the end of the Foundations Experience, you receive an Employability Score, Skills Gap Analysis, and Personal Employability Plan.

(The amount of time and pricing for the Employer-Engaged and Signature Experiences will vary depending on your Employability Plan)