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Plans and Pricing

"Learning is Experience everything else is just information."

Employability Evaluation

Before you begin your Knod Experience sign up for the 2-3 hour online evaluation that assesses your prior knowledge of selected pathway and work experience. Get an objective estimate of how employable you are.


Level 1 - Foundations Experience

  • 10-week relevant work experience with individual and team projects. Basic access to content and resource libraries for selected pathway. 
  • Get three months of work experience including technologies used in sected pathway.
  • Receive Employability Score, Skills Gap Report and Employability Plan

Level 2 - Employer-Engaged Experience

  • 3-4 months of Relevant team-based work experience, engagements with actual companies. 
  • Full access to detailed knowledge base for specific pathway topics and technologies. 
  • Put relevant work experience & your Employability Score on your resume/CV, including references. 
  • Receive quarterly Employability Score updates, Skills Gap Report and Employability Plan

Level 3 - Signature Experience

  • By Invitation only - Those with high Employability Scores may be invited to join teams who are working directly with select employers. A minimum of 3 months. 
  • Put this relevant work experience on your resume/CV. 


Take advantage of this introductory offer for our 10-week Foundations Experience for just:


(Reduced from $999)

As part of the Foundations Experience, we will build a personalized Career Pathway for you based on your Employability Score and Employability Plan.

(The amount of time and pricing for the Employer-Engaged and Signature Experiences will vary depending on your Employability Plan)