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Scott Y. Doxey - Knod's MD Student Life Engagement

MD Student Life Engagement

“I love fixing things and I am passionate about fixing the education to employment gap. I have spent my life figuring out ways to make things work better. I was part of the team that began the process of revolutionizing education at Neumont U, and I am thrilled to continue that process on a global level with Knod”.

Personal info

“I have six children of my own, 2 girls and 4 boys. So far we have 12 grandchildren with another on the way. I love riding my bike. I am not sure I could compete in the tour de France, but I like to pretend I am each time I ride.”

About Scott

After receiving his Master’s of Science degree in Business Information Systems and Education from Utah State, Scott started his own computer consulting and training company. The company eventually focused solely on training and became part of an international franchise, Productivity Point Int’l.

Scott had the opportunity to sell the company and spend a few years owning and operating a lawn care business that was part of an international franchise, Nutri-lawn. He enjoyed those few years working with his sons in a family business.

In 2004 Scott was hired by Neumont University as Vice President of Operations and Academic Affairs of a new project-based learning university. He was a key part of helping implement and prove the project-based learning model that is being used today by Knod.

After 4 years with Neumont, Scott moved his family to Virginia and took on the role of Vice President of Operations and Student Services at Southern Virginia University a private 4-year faith-based university. 

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