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Our Employer-Engaged Project-Based Learning Method provides you with a platform to develop the skills you need to get the job you want.  

We offer real-world, relevant experience so that you become World Ready.



3 Levels of The Knod Experience

Progressing through the 3 Levels of the Knod Experience makes becoming employable as simple as learning to ride a bike...

(You can't learn to ride a bike from a textbook)

Foundations Experience

Developing core 21st Century technical, soft and professional skills.


Employer Engaged Experience

Working in teams for companies applying skills on real-world projects with real companies.


Signature Experience

Deeper team integration & work engagement applying skills directly in real company environments.


1: Learning to Learn

It is important to learn how to interact with one another on a professional level. Learners are put into teams and work on real projects. These projects have goals and hurdles that learners will have to overcome upon entering the workforce. Projects in this first experience have Knod as the customer to allow for practice in a safe environment, like having training wheels during the first phase of learning to ride a bike. At the end of the Foundations Experience the learner will receive an Career Readiness Score™ which will be used to gauge their readiness for employment. 

2: Learning to Do

Upon reaching an appropriate Career Readiness Score™ the learner is promoted to the Employer-Engaged Experience. In these experiences learners are guided by the Knod Coaches (Knod keeps a hand on the bike) but the projects are real projects with real companies (no training wheels). Learners are in constant communication with their project teams and the coaches throughout their experience. Learners are expected to deliver real solutions. The learner's Career Readiness Score™ is reevaluated every 3 months. As the Employability Score™ improves, the learner becomes more valuable to employers. 

3: Learning to Be

Learners who have jobs and want to improve their professional skills may apply for the Signature Experience. Learners in this phase will spend time working directly with an employer (practicing to ride a bike on their own). These will be real corporate projects that will be utilized in a real-world setting.

You start injecting creativity into a learning experience and behaviours will change. You can design for a whole range of experiences: fun, challenge, purpose, meaning. It’s about engagement, purpose and stickability.

Gareth Mills, Futurelab / Head of Futures, Innovation and e-Learning at the QCA (UK).

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