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Work Experience Programs: The foundations of teamwork at Knod

Knod learners go on to be innovators and world changers

The foundations of teamwork

We believe all of our learners, regardless of their gender, nationality, religion or social class, have an equal opportunity to realize their limitless potential and transform their lives through our programs.

“We will do all that we can to help you through the process. We want you to succeed and thrive during your Knod experience”.

Scott Y. Doxey / Knod Student Life Engagement

The rules of engagement

All Knod learners agree to uphold our seven core values:

  1. Social Impact

    You are part of the solution to the education to employment problem. You are creating prosperity that will lead to better lives for your family as well other families and communities worldwide.
  2. Knodistic Synergy

    You build on the strategic alliances and partnerships with other organizations and communities as well as those within Knod so that you become a node (Knod) spreading the power of Knod.
  3. Integrity and passion

    You live a life of integrity and passion by aligning your actions around Knod’s vision and mission to share collectively in the commitment to creativity and unleashed enthusiasm. You will be honest and not lie, cheat or steal. You will be passionate about holding others to that same standard.
  4. Innovation

    You will be given opportunities to improve and showcase your skills and excel through personal motivation, innovation, accountability and leadership.
  5. Excellence

    You are expected to do your best, and will help others through peer-reviewed practices to excel as well. 
  6. Engagement

    You will build fun relationships that last! Members of the Knod community are one large extended family. We are all involved in providing an amazing life experience.
  7. Stakeholder’s value

    Being part of the Knod family means that you look out for the health, safety and welfare of everyone. This is accomplished by being respectful of others as well as being respectful of property and facilities.

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