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Disruptive innovation: Education busts out of the classroom environment

“Education is not a classroom anymore. It’s billions of extended brains all networked together. And we are learning to live with this and what it means. We are total pioneers trying to figure this stuff out.”

Marc Prensky, thinker, writer, consultant and “Digital Natives concept" creator.

How do we make people employable?

The Knod Experience = 

Relevant Work Experience =


In our 3 levels of learning experiences we take novice job seekers and transform them into proficient, confident professionals. Soft skills, team leadership, project management, professional communication, and collaborative problem solving are all part of our learners areas of mastery.

A day in the life of a “Knoddie”: We blur the lines between Pro and Student

Knod learners engage in a relevant work environment from day one in preparation for future employer-engaged projects with real companies. Learners “go to work” and perform tasks and tackle projects just as they would if they were a practicing profession in their fields. Learners collaborate daily with teammates, set goals, overcome problems and deliver solutions in a real work environment.

  • Knoddies will deliver presentations and pitches online.
  • Knod learners are continuously under assessment by “Knod Coaches”, the project client representative and by their peers. Peer evaluation helps learners master soft skills necessary to excel and also learn to hold each other accountable in professional, social scenarios.

Go to work now!

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