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Project Based Learning Marketplace: Connect with Knod Learners

Leverage Knod learner teams to work on your projects!

Projects Marketplace is our unique training platform that enables graduates to be ready to hit the ground running. Participating companies submit relevant projects to our network. Students enrolled are matched in project work groups and learn to handle the challenges and problem solving they need to bring their career skills to elite levels.

What is the Projects Marketplace?

A vehicle for employers to craft real world projects for prospective candidates to hone the skills needed to succeed in their workplace.

The Projects Marketplace allows employers to directly influence the key skills which are relevant to their organization. Their new hires have the exact knowledge they need to thrive in your company’s specific work environment.

The Projects Marketplace uses advanced algorithms to match your company’s project to the perfect team of Knod learners to maximize their effectiveness. Our teams are selected based on their aptitudes with different models and complex scenarios. We believe the right team for the right project will accelerate your success!

And the great news is that Projects Marketplace already comes with all the tools your project leaders need to communicate effectively with students in our network.

To have one of your projects be part of the Project Marketplace, please fill out the information below:

Projects Marketplace Application
Last Name*
First Name*
Project Summary Provide a description of the ideal project deliverable. How can Knod teams help?
Project Template
Lead Source
Project Status
Project Type
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