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“The Knod team has the experience, the knowledge and the partners to actually pull off what we believe is an 'audacious school', so we are very excited about the potential investment opportunities in this company and in this team.”

Kent Madsen, Managing Director, EPIC Venture Fund

Epic Ventures

EPIC Ventures is a premier early stage software and Internet infrastructure venture firm whose mission is to back entrepreneurs and companies positioned to lead the information economy of tomorrow.

Their philosophy is very simple: “We get results, we get exits”. People, products and passion drive their time and resources.

Epic Ventures began business in 1994 and have invested four funds primarily in early stage technology start ups. They have two decades of experience helping start ups grow.

Fund IV made their first investment in education technology,  in 2011, funding the first round for Instructure, a disruptive LMS technology. In 2013, Instructure raised a Series D round of funding with a valuation of $240MM.

HELP International Corporation BHD

HELP International Corporation (HELP Group) was incorporated on 20 June 2005 as the investment holding company for its various businesses, which are primarily in the field of education. Currently, the HELP Group consists of five main institutions, HELP University (HU); HELP Academy (HA); HELP College of Arts and Technology (HELP CAT); the College of Automotive Technology Management, a joint venture with NAZA Group of Companies; and HELP International School.

HELP was started in 1986 as a social business enterprise. They are driven by a single aim: to help people succeed in life and to live a life of significance through education. 

Partnering with Knōd will provide higher education opportunities to the emerging middle class in the region, and help make Malaysia the regional education hub that the government is targeting.

Impact Investment Leaders

Impact Investment Leaders helps investors and philanthropists to strengthen their leadership and blend their investing with their giving to make their investing more meaningful and their giving more perpetual.

They are a consulting firm to philanthropists, impact investors, nonprofit organizations and social enterprises. IIL helps all of these to identify or create investments or gifts that have the potential to be socially transformative. We then help them to structure their investments and gifts to achieve maximum triple impact: financial returns, social transformation and personal fulfillment.

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