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We believe pursuing opportunities for employment is a basic human right.
We hope you do too.

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Working with the e2eFoundation, we help to eradicate poverty in developing communities. We provide students with education and access to employment at a global level, through loans for tuition, mentors, professional coaches and partnerships with employers and academic institutions.


How do we overcome the global challenge of creating
an Education to Employment pipeline that works?

Every year, millions of hopeful students graduate only to
discover that prospects for employment are slim…

Cumella indio

Over 50% of hiring employers feel that applying candidates are not prepared for work in the corporate job market.

By great contrast, 70% of educators think their graduates are prepared. And in developing economies, this leaves a vacuum of 45 million too few qualified professional with secondary educations.

The young adults of today’s developing countries are 3 times more likely to be unemployed than their parents. This has led to unemployment numbers rising to over 75 Million.

Yet employers still can’t find enough qualified employees.

Source: Sage Report / McKinsey

…meanwhile, employers can’t fill open positions with
qualified professionals.

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Only $3,000 of support enables one person to complete the program and rise above poverty elevating their family, their community, their world. 

Each one of those learners will typically help five others transcend poverty. Thus, six people can leave poverty behind for every $3,000 of financial support.

Students attain a much higher level of relevant education and professional competency than on average.

Employers can fill open positions where and when they need to with the properly trained personal.

Families and communities flourish and grow.

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