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International reputation

HELP was founded in 1986 to provide affordable quality educational opportunities for Malaysians. It has since developed into the leading institution of higher learning in Malaysia with an international reputation among universities, research organizations, scholars, business leaders and governments in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America.

The Knod network not only uplifts individuals but invests in the future of the global community

We help people suceed in life and live a life of significance through education

— HELP University mission

HELP University vision

  • To be a university with a strong culture of quality and leadership that focuses on sound academic standards, continuous improvement, and the talent development of students and staff
  • To provide a learning experience that enhances students’ career development, lifetime values and personal fulfillment
  • To share our success with stakeholders and the community we serve as a social business enterprise
  • To have consistent performance and therefore discharge our duty to our shareholders and other stakeholders

HELP University values

  • Pride of Achievement
  • Sharing Success
  • The Courage to Be
  • To be Compassionate
  • To be Significant

The HELP Group comprises four institutions in Malaysia

  • HELP University (HELP University degrees and joint/dual degrees)
  • HELP Academy (3+0 programs with foreign universities; A-Levels)
  • HELP College of Arts and Technology (academic, professional and vocational education; technical training)
  • HELP International School (preschool to A-Levels; international and private school education)

The combined population is more than 11,000 students, including 2,000 international students from 82 countries in Europe, the Americas, Central, South, East and Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Awards and Recognition


  • Entered in the 2011 Forbes list of 200 Top Performing companies in Asia Pacific with capitalization below 1 billion USD
  • Brand Laureate – Best Brand Award for Private Tertiary Education 2012
  • KPMG Shareholder Value Award 2010 – ranked 43 among 1,000 publicly listed companies on the Malaysian Stock Exchange
  • Malaysian Corporate Governance Index by MSWG – 1 of 100 companies to be included

Senior Management

  • President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Paul Chan and CEO Mrs. Chan-Low Kam Yoke have been bestowed honorary degrees by universities in the UK and Australia
  • CEO Mrs. Chan-Low Kam Yoke was named Education Personality of the Year by the Australian University Alumni
  • CEO Mrs. Chan was named 2011 Woman Entrepreneur of Malaysia by Ernst & Young
  • Dr. Paul Chan was appointed a member of the Malaysian Qualifications Agency. He is also a member of TEQSA (Australia) and a member of the Quality Agency Committee of CSCE Department of Education (China)


  • First Class Honours degrees from the University of London, and from partner universities in the UK Law Degree Transfer Program: Aberystwyth; West of England, Bristol; Leeds, Liverpool, Northumbria
  • Straight A scores and World Top Awards for A-Level students in the Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level examinations
  • Admission to the world’s top universities for A-Level students – Cambridge, Oxford, London School of Economics, Imperial College London, University College London, Harvard, Chicago, Princeton, Stanford
  • Scholarship awards and Dean’s Commendation for strong academic performance for HELP Bachelor of Business students transferring to complete their degrees at the top ranked University of Queensland and Melbourne University

Corporate Social Responsibility

In conformity with its role as a social business enterprise, HELP has consistently apportioned funds to help young people get a good start in life. Financial assistance is given to students who show promise in sport and studies, students who have held positions of responsibility in school, or students who have been active in community and charity work. In recent years, financial assistance has also been extended to other countries in Asia Pacific.

  • HELP dispenses scholarships, bursaries and other forms of financial assistance worth 8 million USD annually either as a reward or incentive for students to continue with their strong academic performance, or as assistance to students in need to enable them to complete their studies
  • Students affected by the earthquake in Sichuan, China, are able to study at HELP in undergraduate and postgraduate courses through a scholarship fund worth 1.2 million USD
  • Financial assistance has also been extended to disaster victims in the Philippines and Australia
  • In collaboration with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), HELP provides courses in IT, Culinary Arts, English language and Hairdressing to refugee children in Malaysia to raise their self-esteem and to improve their chances of re-settlement in third countries, through Project Self-Help

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