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Luisa Tristan

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After winning a very hard battle against cancer, I discovered that my priorities had completely changed. I wanted to give back to the society all the good that I had received during my whole life. I firmly believe that access to relevant education is the only way to transform the future of millions, and that is what I want to do next.”

Personal info

Luisa lives in Madrid (Spain) with her 15 years old twins, Clara and Felipe. She loves travelling, cinema, reading and cooking.

About Luisa

Luisa Tristán is a senior executive with more than 20 years of international experience and proven results in business development and operations. 

Luisa holds a Bachelor Degree in Biochemistry, an International MBA, and she is finishing her PhD studies, focussed on education businesses management. 

First 10 years of Luisa’s developed a fast and successful career in marketing and business development, in global multinational companies operating in different sectors and countries, such as Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Autogrill and SGS. 

The second 10 years of Luisa’s career have been focussed in managing and transforming education and higher education companies, with achievements that are related to her key skills: transformational leadership, strategy formulation, effective innovation and team development. 

As VP Marketing and Business Development at Laureate International Universities, the world leader in private higher education market, Luisa worked in 4 continents, developing the core marketing and sales strategy for Laureate universities, and integrating new partners into the network, including INTI University in Malaysia.

As CEO at SEK Education Institution, a private network of 8 international schools and a full-accredited University, Luisa developed curriculum redesign program to adapt the learners’ outcomes to the 21st Century needs, working with the most respected professionals in international education.

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