Knod’s Value and Mission

We enhance employability by providing relevant employer-engaged work experience.

Social impact

Solving the education to employment problem, we create prosperity that will lead to better lives for families and communities worldwide.

Knodistic synergy

We build strategic alliances and partnerships with other organizations and communities, while deepening the level of internal connectivity inside Knod.

Integrity & Passion

We align our actions around Knod’s singular vision and mission, sharing a collective commitment to creativity and unleashed enthusiasm.


All of our members are constantly being given the opportunity to improve, showcase their skills and excel at the individual level through personal motivation, accountability and leadership.


Our stakeholders hold our peer-reviewed practices in the highest regard and with the utmost confidence.


We help build fun relationships that last! Our employers, learners, employees and partners are one large extended family. Knod prides itself on providing an amazing life experience.

Stakeholder's value

Knod creates an environment of financial stability. With health, safety and the welfare of employees and customers being our primary concern.

At Knod we are driven by values

We have designed Knod culture to meet the needs of employers and students in the 21st Century, choosing those values that will help us to build fulfilled communities worldwide. The new operating reality shows accelerated change, increasing complexity, interdependence growth and growing demand for ethics in the decision-making process.
Based on the Consciousness Model developed by Richard Barrett, Knod strives to be a full-spectrum community that shares values at every level of development.