Knod Network Update

Dear All


We believe that it is the right time to share with you the following update.


We have been working hard for the past 5 years to sharpen our education to employment gap solution.


Following our recent engagement in Somalia where 76% of those completing the program were employed within 4 weeks, we reaffirm that experience is the key to employability, even when delivered online.


Our goal always was and always will be to prepare learners for the work world through professional Experiences.


For that reason, we want to be available for any company, university or course provider globally to plug in and bring in projects that will be relevant to the respective institution and reflecting the job market needs.


The tools we put in place to achieve our goals:


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Find out more about Career readiness score TM


Ways you can engage:


Register as a Mentor, Coach or a Project Sponsor


Is your sales team looking for a team of interns to conduct a market research to support your lead generation? What about social media management or content development to enhance your customer base?


If you are aware of anybody in your network, either head of a department or a new startup, our teams would be happy to provide them with a value in exchange for work experience.


We would like to thank you for your support and would be happy if you find a way how to further collaborate with us to ensure we will succeed in the mission to improve the job placement rates anywhere in the world.


Knod Team