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Knod technology

Through leveraging the world’s most innovative technology, Knod creates a very personal and professional experience for each and every one of our learners

We know that technology will never do all the work. Knod provides tools that encourage learners to interact socially and learn to work as a team.

Research shows that team based learning increases retention and transfer. In every Knod Experience learners leverage Knod's proprietary technologies (iKnod) to work in teams to maximize learning outcomes.

iKnod is used to facilitate Employer-Engaged project-based learning. 

Most Student-Centered Learning Management System (LMS) - Canvas by Instructure

We use Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) by Instructure, Inc. – the most state-of-the-art LMS available. It has set new standards for LMS technologies. Knod’s version of Canvas is the central hub and communication portal for students’ courses, assignments, and teamwork.

Download the iOS or Android Canvas LMS app. 

Projects Marketplace to Connect Companies & Students

The platform provides a way for companies to submit live projects that will be delivered by Knod Learners teams.  Our learners are placed into teams with relevant experience and needed learning outcomes to work together.

You will work for a real company under the direction of an employer's Project Manager. Knod's Project Market Place always makes sure that your project matches the learning outcomes needed to keep you on track for graduation, while getting from a real experience the skills you need to suceed in the real world.


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