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Knod provides a complete solution to solve the Education to Employment problem. It provides access for needy students so they can get the exprience and the skills essential for creating a livelihood and transforming their lives, their families, their communities and the world.

In tackling the Education to Employment problem,  Knod aims to eradicate the negative impacts it has worldwide, including:

  • Social and political instability
  • Socio/economic instability within the communities
  • Long-term economical growth stalls
  • Huge investments retraining new hires destroys ROIs
  • Unsustainable student load obligations
  • An educational system that arrests growth in the community

“The single most pressing social issue in the world right now is how we are going to get a 200 million young men and women around this world educated.”

Rob Lytle, Partner and Co-Head Education Practice, The Parthenon Group

Impact. Transform. Grow.

As partners with e2eFoundation, employers, philanthropists, impact investors and governments work together at the global level to uplift entire communities.

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