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There are many ways to make an impact


Donations to e2eFoundation go directly to fund students' educational needs. These funds, once repaid, are re-input into the system and used by subsequent students in a completely sustainable and renewable system.


Donating time through e2eFoundation you can help mold young adults into aspirational professionals as mentors at Knod. Teach subject matter relevant to you and make an impact across entire developing communities.

How does a partnership benefit me?


  • New hires have greatly increased professional aptitude decreasing retraining costs
  • Facilitated expansion developing countries
  • CSR programs result in greater stakeholder value


  • Possible deduction & Impact ROIs
  • Program and investment risks are greatly reduced 
  • Program Visibility and Global Recognition

Social Crowd Funding:

  • Even through small contributions, individuals help provide access to education and employment to entire developing communities world wide

What kind of impact do you want to have?

Collaborate now and help us uplift entire communities accross the globe! 


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