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Get the experience you need, and a job at IBM, through Knod's unique employer-engaged project based learning model. 

IBM Global Technical Services (GTS) needs to hire several thousands of skilled engineers every year in India. Due to a lack of professional skills, only a small percentage of candidates get through their selection process. Knod gives you a CV worth 2 years of experience, plus a US-Accredited Information Technology MBA  

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What's Knod-IBM Talent Development Programme?

IBM Global Technical Services (GTS) needs to hire several thousands of skilled engineers every year in India. Due to lack of professional skills, only a small percentage of candidates get through their selection process successfully and only a reduced proportion of the new hires are being effective in their job within a reasonable period of time.

The Knod-IBM Talent Development Programme uses Knod's unique Employer-Engaged Project-based Learning model to help you develop the professional skills needed to start a successful career in one of the fastest growing sectors in India

Requirements of access: If you have completed a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from a Circuit-based stream, and have secured 60% aggregate marks, this is your fast track to a successful career.

Programme structure

  1. 6-month Pre-Placement period in a global, employers-engaged project-based learning environment

    While working in multi-locational team with global coaches and delivering projects for international clients. At the end of this phase, if successful, you will be given access to IBM hiring process.                                                                                                                                          
  2. 6 month Post-Placement period as an IBM employee*

    You will be attached to Knod coaches and teams within IBM and continue your team and project-based learning in the context of their job. This phase includes technology training by IBM as a part of their usual induction process, and working with IBM mentors and Knod coaches to enhance Career effectiveness.
  3. Information Technology - MBA Degree by New Charter University

    On completion, you will have the option to obtain an Information Technology - MBA Degree by New Charter University, a US accredited university.

    Find more about our MBA in Information Technology Management

(*) IBM will consider these graduates for employment in various IT Infrastructure Management positions available with them, at several offices across India, after the student has completed at least two terms (6-months) of the program, has been recommended by Knod, and successfully passed a test of placement conducted by IBM.

Employer-engaged project based learning: the fast track to high employability

Knod connects you to a worldwide network of top organizations, employers and mentors. With the needs of employers in mind, learners work in multinational teams on enterprise projects, and interact with coprorate project managers in technology based settings.

This hands-on approach ensures employers have acess to new hires who understand their business, are well positioned for future career progression, and will help sustain and grow their business.


See what employers think

“When you get students that come from a project-based learning environment it is so much richer than having someone with a straight academic background. They do have humility; through that process, they’ve learned to know what they don’t know and they’ve learned to respect others.”

Sheila Thorne, IT Specialist Leader & Business Architect at IBM.

What you get

The Knod-IBM Talent Development Program opens up the Infrastructure Engineering career pathway, which is in great demand with the ubiquity and complexity of IT infrastructure in all types of organisations. 

With the career-boosting knowledge you receive, you won't just be a team player... You'll be ready to lead.

Your resume and portfolio will blossom with real-world experience and projects you'll be proud to show off.

Become the highly sought-after candidate employers are searching for. Help yourself reach your full potential.

When hired, you will continue the Knod-IBM Talent Development Program till completion, while handling Global Data Centres and having exposure to mission-critical enterprise level work. This job pays competitively (approximately Rs. 360,000 per annum) and opens up a world of opportunity for a graduate by development of their professional abilities at the highest level.


Finding ready-to-work employees is harder than ever.

With Knod, employers have the power to shape the sustainable pipeline of competent employees they want to hire.

About Knod

Employers from IBM to Google to Johnson & Johnson, as well as regional and local companies, all acknowledge that finding ready-to-work employees is harder than ever and it’s not going to get any better. This is where Knod comes in. Knod is a talent development system that gives employers the power to shape the skilled employees they need, when and where they need them. 

Knod’s employer-centric model enables learners to tackle real projects through established relationships with leading organizations including IBM, GE Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson, Metasource, Dell, Rio Tinto, InThink, Syncroute and many other regional and local companies. Knod also works with a Career Advisory Board comprised of experts from globally recognized companies to develop the learning experiences, like Google’s Eve Andersson, and IBM’s Jim Spohrer.

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IBM is looking for T- shaped employees

“How can we produce T-shaped people directly out of university? Universities alone cannot do it. The have to do it in partnership with the real world challenges of industry and government.”

Jim Sphorer, IBM Innovation Champion and Director of Global University Programs



Fee type Amount Details
Knod experience $5,000 US Ask about payment plans.
21st Cent Skills Accelerator $500 US Lodging costs (estimate based on 1 week face-to-face stage).

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