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Adventure of a lifetime

We are
one-of-a-kind people

And so are you! Get ready to face the challenge of a lifetime and become part of the Knod community.

This is our manifesto

We are global

We see the world as a whole. We think worldwide when we develop our strategy, our services, our approach to stakeholders. The answer to social challenges is global.

We are open

We are open to the world, to diversity. We build and leverage social relationships. Sense of humour is our best tool.

We are innovative

We enjoy the challenge to build a new, unique, relevant learning model. We believe in being bold, we are not afraid of failure. Innovation is part of our DNA.

We are energizing

Passion is our main driver. We are willing and ready to give the best we have, because we feel able to make our dreams come true.

We are connected to social needs

Our value is connected to middle classes needs worldwide. We analyse people and employers needs to match them in a way that creates sustainable prosperity. We are observers and actors at the same time.

We are interconnected

We promote a culture of sharing our knowledge and experience, to maximize the value we add to our costumers and stakeholders. Discussing, talking, sharing is our way to create a common vision for success.

We are ethical

We respect universal values in all we do, in all we say, in all we accomplish. We want to be effective agents for society.

We are accessible

Communication with our costumers and partners is easy and open. Empathy and transparency are the basis of our rapport with all stakeholders and team.

We are visionary

We have been born to make a better world through our unique education to employment model. We are not afraid to fail, because we will try again. We are not afraid to have followers.

We are fluid

Learning happens anyway, anytime, anywhere. The world today is fluid, and that redefines the concept of knowledge, teaching and learning. We are fluid like the world.

Do you have what it takes to be Knod?

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime

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