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Employer-Engaged project-based learning: the fast track to employability

Knod connects you to a worldwide network of top organizations, employers and mentors. Powerful connections to global corporations and medium-sized and small businesses will help boost your career.

Companies engaged with Knod Learners

Through Knod I have acquired exposure to a diverse set of skills and cultures. The approach to learning undertaken by Knod is one of a kind, different from any traditional university I have known or heard of. The learning approach has natured me to become a self-regulated learner. The 21st Century Skills accelerator course has been educative and fun. Covey's Seven Habits were taught through thorough discussions, and now I have a clear understanding of how my life should be. All the visits made to the employers have also been helpful in ensuring that I am aware of the skills needed to boost my career.

Catherine Wangari, Knod Student