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The key issue is relevance and a key barrier for graduates was competence. The market was focused on the wrong things. I knew at that moment that what I have been doing for the previous 10 years had prepared me to be able to say: 'I have the answer'.

Graham Y. Doxey, Knod CEO and Founder

The whole issue of cost and accesibility if you lead it to itself, brings this a very unsatisfactory and unhappy ending, so the work that Knod is doing on the issues of affordability which become the fundamental platform for accessibility and accountability as well as outcomes is what gets me so very excited.

Nick Donofrio, Chairman of the Board of Regents for the State of Connecticut

The Knod team has the experience, the knowledge and the partners that actually pull off what we believe is an audacious school, so we are very excited about the potential investment opportunities in this company and in this team.

Kent Madsen, Managing Director, EPIC Venture Fund